Four years ago we released “My Conscious” & the track was written with the intentions to help those suffering from depression & anxiety.

Little did we know My Conscious would gain well over 250,000+ video views & be one of our most popular streamed tracks to date.

We truly hope that this song will reach the right people in need.

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My Conscious Part II – Video Teaser (HD) CLICK HERE !


The single will be live this Friday (21.09.2020) & the music video will drop @ 7:30PM AEST !

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7. My Conscious Prt 2 –

My conscious is a very personal song to us, this song being a sequel means more than you think. Throughout the years of our music, Jordan & I have been really good at telling a story & I mean a real story. Between the thousands of messages we’ve received from fans all around the world, the one thing that keeps them so faithful & connected to us, is we give them real music.

Not this party, drug & having bitches every weekend sort of radio songs you hear nowadays. Real music. The music you can relate to, the music you can play when you’re having a bad day & the music you can play when you feel like nobody else understands.

The original “My Conscious” is one of our biggest viewed & most streamed songs we’ve ever released. It tells 2 sides of dealing with depression. The voice inside your head telling you you’re not good enough & the other voice you’ve been searching for to tell yourself that everything will be okay.

We’ve always felt connected to our fans & feel obligated to speaking up when it comes to dealing with depression & anxiety; because they’re real issues in everyday life we will all encounter or experience. This time, My Conscious Part 2 wasn’t written from a fans perspective but from our own. This is one of the first & only songs where we’ve deeply opened up about dealing with our loss & self suffering. Listen carefully, we explain we now know how some of our fans felt when battling their own demons & fighting the urge to keep moving forward. This song is raw & emotional. There’s always 2 sides to a face, you will understand when you hit play.

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  1. Kaida McManus

    Great job boys

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