16 new tracks inside 1 debut album! Mind Like Mine will feature never heard before music & is set to offer fans our best music yet!

To give you a little background & story behind these songs, we will frequently update this blog to give you more insight behind the music.

1. Attitude – Story

Attitude has a funny & conflicting story. We never actually sat down & said let’s write a song people can relate to about someone’s attitude- it sort of just happened after an argument. When Jordan first started production on the beat, we could not connect nor think at all what we could write about. The beat was half done & we sort of let it off to the side for a little.

After a little argument I had with my then girlfriend, I walked into the studio to cool off. I sat down coincidently 2 weeks later where Jordan had the project opened & he was humming a melody. He sang the words “I don’t, da da da da da” then BAM ! I said “Attitude!” he said “What?” I said “I don’t really like your attitude”. He said “What do you mean?” I said “No, I got it! Let’s write a song about our girls, how we hate their attitude’s but we can’t stay mad at them because we love them”.

It was meant to just be a funny joke song & we never actually thought this track would become our number 1 pick of the album but I guess on that day we learnt our music doesn’t always have to be about heartbreak & pain. We can still put real words & meanings behind fun songs in the hopes that people can relate.

What made this song even better is the featured voice. Nobody & I mean nobody knows who’s singing the chorus, that’s the best part. We had so much enjoyment showing our friends, family & team this song when it was first done because everybody always asked “Who’s that singing the chorus?”.. haha ! I know this might not make sense now to those reading this post, but you will understand what we mean when you hear it!

Overall, this is a fun song people can relate to in their own way & we feel it is one of our best songs we’ve ever produced. How many times have you ran back to your loved one because it’s too hard to stay mad over stupid little arguments? If you’ve ever seen how beautiful these girls are you would understand!


12. Bad Habits –

Bad habits is one of our more emotional songs on the album. Without getting too personal, we all have different ways on how we try to numb our pain when bad situations/ changes happen within our lives. Some people handle it better than others & some don’t. This shows that we all feel pain the same way, no matter our sexuality or race. We have all looked for different ways to cope with blocking out our real emotions.

During our personal experiences, we’ve watched a close friend of ours deal with his by resorting to drugs. His last relationship didn’t end too well & no matter how much advice & being there for a friend in need you can be, you need to understand that people will deal with these situations differently. Time may heal but in time can kill. We watched this friend of ours abuse drugs for a while & tried to offer advice with coping but it’s hard when you watch someone close to you only ever become happy when they’re taking drugs or alcohol, its heartbreaking.

You fear if something bad was to happen it would be your fault. Why didn’t I notice sooner & why didn’t I try to stop them? God forbid.

This song tells that story from both perspectives, listen closely. You will hear the thoughts of the abuser & the thoughts of you wearing the guilt, too hesitant to step in.


6. What’s It Like – Story – Released 04.03.2020

What’s It Like was the first song we ever wrote after our mother’s sudden death back in late January 2018 but we chose not to release the song due to how personal & how early the timing was. The song was never intended to be released nor ever written, it sort of just happened. We spent a few months away from the studio dealing with her funeral, readjustment to our new lives & being there for our father & little brother- when suddenly I walked into the studio after hearing the piano that hadn’t been turned on for months playing. Jordan was playing some chords & the melody & lyrics instantly struct. If you’ve never lost a loved one- this may be hard to understand, but to get back into the swing of doing something you love that that particular person believed in of you, can become extremely difficult.

Your main motivation is no longer there to keep motivating you, so you need to find the strength to push yourself.

You could say being twins we feel the same things often & in that moment of time we got to release what was on our minds. Loosing a loved one to suicide means we will forever have unanswered questions & controlling your own thoughts sometimes will now become more difficult than ever, but in that moment we got to ask those questions. Listen to the opening line to the song, you’ll get what I mean.

I guess we have all wondered how it feels to die, though I know the question will never be answered until then.

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