16 new tracks inside 1 debut album! Mind Like Mine will feature never heard before music & is set to offer fans our best music yet!

To give you a little background & story behind these songs, we will frequently update this blog to give you more insight behind the music.

4. Texting –

This song we never get sick of playing! We wrote this song in a simple mind frame. Let’s go back in time to high school & let’s look at your first lover. This is when you’re sort of still learning love, you don’t know what it is & you don’t know the difference between really liking someone & what real love truly means.

Throughout the years we’ve been able to put ourselves in a place that necessarily doesn’t mean we are at that point of time, but to go back to where we once were. To be able to tap into them thoughts & emotions we felt a long time ago. This song was written about a girl, we liked each other but we were too young to know what love was. We use to text everyday then suddenly we stopped. She apparently didn’t like me no more lol.

At this point in our lives we were still learning, but we thought it would be forever. Looking back I’m glad nothing progressed but I’m also glad I learnt what liking someone who suddenly now doesn’t like you back really means.

I mean? It writes for a good song right? Haha. We hope this song can connect to all the young people & sudden broken relationships out there trying to figure out what love is, yet who are brave enough to say fuck it, we live & we learn & we move on.


2. Something Bout You-

This song is special, this is a song we wrote a while back. Without sounding too cheesy & trying to make this sound like some beautiful love story, this is a song that tells the time- when someone so beautiful comes into your life & decides to stay. What real love is.

Throughout our relationship I’ve always said to my girlfriend, you know I’m going to marry you one day.

I mean, the last conversation I ever had with my mother 3 days before she passed I told her. “Mum, I’m gonna marry this girl one day”.. and you know what she said? “That’s sweet honey, you never said that about the other ones”.. haha hearing that in my head still makes me smile. Because next year in April, I’ll be doing the one thing I told my mother I’d do & that’s marrying Andrea.

Listen closely to the track, this song tells a story of feeling completely out of control when it comes to that particular person, where you can no longer control the walls you’ve built up previously from past failed relationships. There’s something bout you..

This will be the next track to be released on the album in 2 weeks time.


7. My Conscious Prt 2 –

My conscious is a very personal song to us, this song being a sequel means more than you think. Throughout the years of our music, Jordan & I have been really good at telling a story & I mean a real story. Between the thousands of messages we’ve received from fans all around the world, the one thing that keeps them so faithful & connected to us, is we give them real music.

Not this party, drug & having bitches every weekend sort of radio songs you hear nowadays. Real music. The music you can relate to, the music you can play when you’re having a bad day & the music you can play when you feel like nobody else understands.

The original “My Conscious” is one of our biggest viewed & most streamed songs we’ve ever released. It tells 2 sides of dealing with depression. The voice inside your head telling you you’re not good enough & the other voice you’ve been searching for to tell yourself that everything will be okay.

We’ve always felt connected to our fans & feel obligated to speaking up when it comes to dealing with depression & anxiety; because they’re real issues in everyday life we will all encounter or experience. This time, My Conscious Part 2 wasn’t written from a fans perspective but from our own. This is one of the first & only songs where we’ve deeply opened up about dealing with our loss & self suffering. Listen carefully, we explain we now know how some of our fans felt when battling their own demons & fighting the urge to keep moving forward. This song is raw & emotional. There’s always 2 sides to a face, you will understand when you hit play.

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