Our debut album Mind Like Mine is set to debut in September, 2020. The official pre-sale will be announced soon & we’re set to offer you guys exclusive new merchandise packs, signed CD’s & our best music to date!

Mind Like Mine, what is the story behind the album?

To answer this question before you get your hands on our new music, I’d like to ask you to have a think .. What does “Mind Like Mine” mean to you?

To highlight the reason why we wrote this album is to look at things from a 50/50 perspective. Mind Like Mine to us means 2 sides. The side where we feel love & happiness & the other where we feel heartbreak & sadness.

Since our mother’s death in late February 2018, we’ve dealt with some crazy emotions we never thought we’d have to experience at such a young age. During our time away from the music, this whole experience has bought forward these emotions in such a confusing way.

I mean, how are you meant to feel after you loose a parent? It’s unfortunately going to happen one day but given the circumstances around our mother’s death & the way she left; I feel more heartbreak than love when I think about her. It’s so hard & unless you’ve experienced it too, it may be hard to understand.

So much is happening within our lives & she now isn’t here to see any of it. I don’t want you guys to think this album is just filled with heartbreaking songs because it isn’t, I want to try & make you guys understand where it started from. There’s so much good in our lives & we appreciate the love we receive & the friends we have but there’s always going to be a missing place in our hearts that will never be filled.

To be so open & honest with our thought’s is to look inside of our minds & we really feel like we’ve given our fans that inside view when it comes to this album. Good or bad. This album will tell speak emotions of pain, happiness, love, abuse & anger. Every song is different & every song will mean something different from our own thoughts.

To feel so vulnerable when it comes to telling our stories through our music is to step inside of our minds & if you can relate, maybe you have a mind like mine ?



  1. Monique brown

    I can not wait, the way you boys express your emotions is beautiful and i think alot of people relate to and understand you better because of it .. thank you for being raw and real with your fans x

    1. jazzy

      l like what you said

  2. jazzy

    hi you guy are my fav

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