The final song release before the album drops 18th, September 2020.

This is our #NO.1 pick of the album “Mind Like Mine”!

We really hope you can all help us push this song as much as you can over the weekend! Who knows if we can get it to radio?

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The single will be live this Friday (28.09.2020) & the music video will drop @ 7:30PM AEST !

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1. Attitude – Story

Attitude has a funny & conflicting story. We never actually sat down & said let’s write a song people can relate to about someone’s attitude- it sort of just happened after an argument. When Jordan first started production on the beat, we could not connect nor think at all what we could write about. The beat was half done & we sort of let it off to the side for a little.

It was meant to just be a funny joke song & we never actually thought this track would become our number 1 pick of the album but I guess on that day we learnt our music doesn’t always have to be about heartbreak & pain. We can still put real words & meanings behind fun songs in the hopes that people can relate.

What made this song even better is the featured voice. Nobody & I mean nobody knows who’s singing the chorus, that’s the best part. We had so much enjoyment showing our friends, family & team this song when it was first done because everybody always asked “Who’s that singing the chorus?”.. haha ! I know this might not make sense now to those reading this post, but you will understand what we mean when you hear it!

Overall, this is a fun song people can relate to in their own way & we feel it is one of our best songs we’ve ever produced. How many times have you ran back to your loved one because it’s too hard to stay mad over stupid little arguments? If you’ve ever seen how beautiful these girls are you would understand!

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